real-estate-marketThere’s a lot to be said about residential and commercial investments. But we’re not here to bore you today. Instead of delving down into the technicalities, we’re here to share bits of fun facts and trivia that are both informative and entertaining!

  • The law requires owners, sellers and real estate agents in New York City to disclose the likelihood of a property being haunted by ghosts or other supernatural elements. This applies to both leases and sales.
  • The term “housewarming” is as literal as it gets. It was coined after the early practice of family, friends and neighbors bringing firewood for residents who have just moved into their new home. It was meant to help bring light and warmth as well as drive bad spirits away.
  • A multi-purpose stadium in Seattle was so expensive that it was only fully paid 15 years after it was demolished. The Kingdome was opened back in 1976 and demolished in the year 2000. It’s famously known as the home stadium to the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League.
  • Apple Incorporated once offered a blank check to purchase a piece of land for its iTunes Cloud data center. In 2010, the company wanted to purchase a one acre farmland in North Carolina owned by the Fullbright family who resisted to selling their home. To convince them, Apple sent a blank check and later on paid $1.7 million for a farmland that was originally bought for $6,000.
  • One of the most prominent figures of the Great Depression was a bank robber nicknamed “Pretty Boy”. Charles Floyd became infamous for robbing financial institutions and simultaneously destroying mortgage documents to the point of relieving a huge number of people from their liabilities because the papers could no longer be comprehensible.
  • Warren Buffet still lives in the first home he bought in Omaha, Nebraska for $31,500 in 1958. He’s lived here ever since. But what makes this story more interesting is that Mr. Buffet is a multi-billion business magnate, investor, and philanthropist who owns some of the fortune 500 companies.
  • There exists a $1billion 40 story home with 27 habitable floors, 6 parking floors that fits up to 168 cars and some 3 helipads. This 400,000 square feet property is located in Altamount Road and owned by business tycoon and the wealthiest man in India, Mukesh Ambani. It’s more luxurious than many of the most expensive residential and commercial properties combined!

commercial-property-for-saleBuying a commercial property for sale London may sound like a task too straightforward to even be discussed in length but what most people fail to realize is that it takes a lot of time, effort, caution, and not to mention resources to successfully achieve. So we took it upon ourselves to tap the experts and ask for advice and here are the tips they so gladly spilled for us.

  • Identify your needs. It may sound simple but most people still fail to do this. It is necessary to carefully scrutinize and assess the purpose of the commercial asset being bought so as to find one that will suit needs best. This should also help make your search more focused and streamlined instead of all over the place.
  • List down the necessities. Now that we’ve got your needs all set, it’s about time to identify features and characteristics of the asset that would satisfy them. It would also be wise to classify the negotiables from the non-negotiables. Remember that finding a commercial property for sale London that’s got the exact same features you both need and want may not be feasible. Know which aspects to drop if need be.
  • Choose heavy foot traffic. Since we’re talking about commercial assets here, foot traffic or the amount of pedestrians and passersby including present and prospective customers that flock the area is important. We want our business exposed and to do so you need to find a well-situated asset.
  • Think with customers in mind. London is a city rich in business and tourism which is why it is important to take advantage of the population and demand. When scouting for properties, find one that not only offers convenience to your company and its employees but also to its customers. For instance, are there enough parking spaces? Is it easy to find? Is transportation to and from it both by private vehicle or public transport a breeze?
  • Always have it pre-surveyed. Never in a million years settle for a commercial property for sale London without having it surveyed first. Always call upon a professional to examine it beforehand. Validate facts first and then uncover more. Take seller’s opinions and information with a grain of salt. Besides, it’ll benefit you best if you know everything there is to it before you put in that down payment.

moving suppliesMoving into a new property investment will always involve a lot of packing. It’s a tough and tedious job but its’ something that will always have to be done. After all, we need to safeguard our possessions and assets. They are investments too regardless of size and financial value.

But what many people fail to realize is that there’s more to packing than just chucking things into boxes. In order to correctly and effectively protect one’s belongings, certain supplies will have to be bought and used. Besides, different items have varying degrees of fragility and dimensions.

So what packing supplies should you stock up in time for your property investment move? Here’s a list.

  • Boxes – These containers that come with a flat base and sides are typically square or rectangular in shape and have flaps. They come in different sizes and are made of durable carton. They hold almost about anything from clothes, to shoes, to books, to furniture, and even appliances.
  • Bubble Wrap – Characterized by a clear bubble-filled plastic material made out of two transparent films with distributed air bubbles, these are used for cushioning breakable objects during shipment. They are more durable as compared to paper and newsprint and can be used over and over again. A popular use for them includes that of protecting antiques and, computers and breakables.
  • Mattress Covers – To keep your mattresses and box springs protected and unsoiled these thick and sturdy bedclothes are used.
  • Newsprint – These are those cheap, low-quality, absorbent printing paper made from coarse wood pulp and used chiefly for newspapers. Likewise, they are used to provide that added cushion of protection to breakables like plates and mirrors.
  • Packing Paper – These are tough heavy paper that is often used to wrap parcels and packages to prevent breakage. They are carefully wrapped around fragile items.
  • Rope – Ropes are a length of strong cord made by twisting together strands of natural or artificial fibers or even plastic. Like tape, these are used to secure boxes and to tie around items.
  • Tape and Dispensers – These are refer to those strips of plastic or paper with an adhesive surface used for sealing, binding and attaching items together. They are used to seal the flaps of boxes or to secure lids, drawers and doors of furniture and appliances. Tape guns and dispensers, although not required, are handy to have because they make things easier and more convenient.
  • Wardrobe Boxes – For clothes that must be kept hanged, these become very efficient as they are tall enough to keep garments in shape while they are stored and transported.
  • Ziploc Bags – These are those plastic, reusable, re-sealable storage containers with interlocking ridges or zippers near the edges. This characteristic allows for easy and effective sealing making them a popular choice to contain small items like hooks, screws, earrings, necklaces, pens and other smaller items that can get easily lost during a property investment move.

investment-property-residentialThere’s more to owning an investment property than meets the eye. Whether you’re the typical home owner or a businessman-investor who trades these assets, value is something that you take seriously.

Now, we all know that maintaining an asset’s functionality and value already takes its toll so how much more if we talk about increasing its worth. Is it doable? Of course, and here is how you do it.

  1. Tend to property repairs immediately. Not only does this help preserve the functionality and value of the asset, it also helps owners avoid spending more later on. An issue resolved now becomes less of a financial burden than if it were to be tended at a later date. The premise is simple. A small defect can easily be fixed now than if it were to aggravate further.
  2. Cleaning goes along way. Like the saying goes, cleanliness is next to godliness. A well kept and neat property will become more appealing and with demand we know comes a boost in value. Besides, if you think about it a dilapidated or unmaintained looking property will never look sellable.
  3. It’s all about space and light. The bigger the room and the better lit it is, the more it tends to appreciate. But why is that so? Again, the reason is simple. People want to maximize space. Area can only be limited to what’s given but with the use of wise architecture and interior planning, it can be further maximized. Moreover, adequate amount of natural light and windows help brighten up and make spaces appear larger than they are. So do away with unnecessary divisions, opt for higher ceilings and bigger windows.
  4. Increase the curb and garden appea The exterior or the façade may not be everything but they play a huge part when it comes to real estate. When buyers look at assets, the first thing they notice is its exterior, meaning the curb, front lawn, garden and entryway. Make sure to pay attention to these as much as you do interior-wise.
  5. Renovate the right places. Not all investment property upgrades and improvements mean value. Some are simply costs and cannot be capitalized. To avoid wasting your resources, target projects that increase net worth for example, bathroom and kitchen renovations. But just to be sure, call in an expert for sound advice. After all, assets can vary from one to the other and markets can differ.

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Investment Property Maintenance

commercial property investmentsA commercial property investments agency provides solutions and strategies for selling and buying real estate particularly those used for commercial or business purposes. Additionally they can provide advice as to the funding of such acquisitions. Getting one is crucial when one seeks to invest in such assets therefore it is only imperative to get those who can deliver nothing but quality. Hiring one is just as important as looking for commercial property for sale London. But how does one do it? What characteristics should we seek and look for? Here, take a look.

  • A PROFESSIONAL TEAM – You want to work with great people and nothing more. Professionalism encompasses a broad set of skills and personal traits that foster a great working relationship and upholds strength and value for the parties involved. You surely want to work with professionals and not amateurs. Go for the right team.
  • MARKET PROFICIENCY – Commercial real estate is affected by many factors in the market such as the supply and availability, the demand from buyers and lessees, the location, the nearby establishments, the current economy and more. This makes it a must that the agency has sufficient knowledge and understanding about the current developments in both domestic and international markets.
  • RELEVANT EXPERIENCE – As the saying goes, “experience is the best teacher”. There are things learned and acquired through it and you want that from your investment agency. But more than just length of experience seek relevance.
  • TIMELY RESULTS – No strategy is good enough if it’s carried out late. Delays can hamper your operations and other decision factors. The more apt the agency delivers your needed results then the better. It is also noteworthy to point out that commercial properties can appreciate over time, some after prolonged periods while others in only a matter of days, weeks or months. Time is of the essence. It’s gold.
  • QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE – Customer service can make or break even the best of commercial property investments agencies. With so many questions in mind, the need for clarifications and advice, it’s only imperative that you seek an agency that’s not only got the hard skills but the soft skills as well, customer service and effective communication for instance. Besides, would you want to hire an unaccommodating professional or one that cannot converse and deliver messages across clearly? No. Definitely not and more like never.

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