real-estate-marketThere’s a lot to be said about residential and commercial investments. But we’re not here to bore you today. Instead of delving down into the technicalities, we’re here to share bits of fun facts and trivia that are both informative and entertaining!

  • The law requires owners, sellers and real estate agents in New York City to disclose the likelihood of a property being haunted by ghosts or other supernatural elements. This applies to both leases and sales.
  • The term “housewarming” is as literal as it gets. It was coined after the early practice of family, friends and neighbors bringing firewood for residents who have just moved into their new home. It was meant to help bring light and warmth as well as drive bad spirits away.
  • A multi-purpose stadium in Seattle was so expensive that it was only fully paid 15 years after it was demolished. The Kingdome was opened back in 1976 and demolished in the year 2000. It’s famously known as the home stadium to the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League.
  • Apple Incorporated once offered a blank check to purchase a piece of land for its iTunes Cloud data center. In 2010, the company wanted to purchase a one acre farmland in North Carolina owned by the Fullbright family who resisted to selling their home. To convince them, Apple sent a blank check and later on paid $1.7 million for a farmland that was originally bought for $6,000.
  • One of the most prominent figures of the Great Depression was a bank robber nicknamed “Pretty Boy”. Charles Floyd became infamous for robbing financial institutions and simultaneously destroying mortgage documents to the point of relieving a huge number of people from their liabilities because the papers could no longer be comprehensible.
  • Warren Buffet still lives in the first home he bought in Omaha, Nebraska for $31,500 in 1958. He’s lived here ever since. But what makes this story more interesting is that Mr. Buffet is a multi-billion business magnate, investor, and philanthropist who owns some of the fortune 500 companies.
  • There exists a $1billion 40 story home with 27 habitable floors, 6 parking floors that fits up to 168 cars and some 3 helipads. This 400,000 square feet property is located in Altamount Road and owned by business tycoon and the wealthiest man in India, Mukesh Ambani. It’s more luxurious than many of the most expensive residential and commercial properties combined!