investment-propertyOne of, if not the most, valuable of spaces in any home is the kitchen and when we talk kitchen we can never let the day pass by without mention of the sink. It’s an integral fixture no less. But which sink should we pick for our investment property UK?

Well it depends. Our needs vary and so does the dimensions of our properties, countertops and budgets. To find the perfect sink, we need to know not just our needs and preferences but also our options and that’s what we’re about to do today.

Now sinks are popularly categorized based on installation as follows.


Sometimes called the farmhouse sibk, they come with an exposed front side which hangs over the countertop edge. They are popular in pre-millennium homes and are known for providing more ease and space to work with since the body directly leans into the sink thus lesser stress when trying to reach over. The only downside is that they often require customized cabinets and countertops to fit into and may be more costly than the other options.


Featuring a backsplash attached to it, this type is very easy to clean and often gives an elegant touch. When paired with a wall-mounted faucet, it maximizes the available work space. They can be a challenge to install though and may require the need to hire a professional and unlike the others, the designs available in the market aren’t as many.


As the name suggests, these are mounted under the countertop. With the rim kept out of sight, it provides a 

seamless finish creating a smooth surface that works best to create a sophisticated feel especially when granite and marble are involved. This type also prevents food and liquids from sipping underneath the rim. A word of caution though. Do not use them with wood or laminate because these can bubble up or distort from condensation. 


Perhaps the most popular option and one often seen in many investment property UK is the drop in sink. These are installed unto the countertop with the lip kept visible. Installation and removal is easy and done by simply dropping it into or lifting it off the sink opening. However, this option will require owners to constantly keep track of dirt or food debris that may build up beneath the lip and create stains or discoloration as time goes by.